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  • Why choose Le Blanc Florist?
    We are simple people trying to provide the affordable and beautiful bouquets and floral designs for your special day. We are flexible and allow for customisation free of charge if it is within our means. We like to have a personal touch and to provide you the best customer service we can, so you would expect an whatsapp communication from us after your order is placed. We will make sure you receive photos of your actual bouquet before delivery and status updates. We ensure your flowers are fresh, so we only procure them on the same day or a day before. Our stringent QC will pick out any flowers that do not meet our standard. For Preserved flowers, we only uses the best Grade A flowers for our products. We reward our customers with a generous loyalty program where you can redeem points to exchange for discount codes.
  • Do you do same day delivery?
    Yes, we are able to provide same day delivery if order is placed before 11am. Not applicable to some bouquets that requires lead time, check with us to confirm. If ordering past 11am or urgent order, you can contact us directly to check for availability. We will try our best to accommodate.
  • How to order?
    Select your preferred flower bouquet from the website and add to cart. Fill up the details and place the order with payment, and you’re done! or WhatsApp us @ 94232010
  • Do you deliver to oversea?
    No, unfortunately we are currently unable to fulfil overseas orders,
  • How do the promo codes work?
    Please enter your promo code in the Promo Code box in the Payment section at Checkout, click the Apply button and the total will be updated automatically.
  • How do the loyalty program works?
    First purchase 10% off with account registration. For every dollar spent, 10 points will be credited to your account. You can use the points to redeem discount codes up to 20% for your next purchase.
  • What if I entered wrong address and already check out?
    You can email us at or WhatsApp us @ +65-94232010 with the latest details at least 24 hours in advance.
  • How can I change the message on the gift card?
    You can email us at or WhatsApp us @ +65-94232010 with the latest details at least 24 hours in advance.
  • How do I know when the flowers have been delivered?
    You'll receive an email when the flowers have been delivered. You will also be updated via whatsapp if your mobile no. with whatsapp account is provided.
  • Do your provide your services for Corporates?
    Yes we do! We offers our services for corporates at special rate. - Floral workshops . - Floral arrangement services to decorate your office or events. - Flower bouquets or products for your clients or employees.
  • How to receive First sign up 10% discount code?
    First time customer that sign up on our website will be entitled to a 10% discount code. The unique discount code will be sent to your email automatically immediately after sign up is completed. The code is one time use with no expiry. If you are unable to find the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. Contact us if you need any help.
  • Can I request for a customized flower arrangements?
    If you see a bouquet you like on our website or somewhere else but would like to customise it, you may email us at or whatsapp us @ +65-94232010 for enquiries.
  • Seasonal availability of flowers
    We strive to ensure your bouquets are always fresh, beautiful and consistent with your order. However, flowers are seasonal products, and subject to availability from orchards and farms. Should the main bloom of a product be no longer available, we will contact you and work out a suitable substitution/replacement. We will only substitute with flowers of a similar or superior look/feel and value. Filler flowers are what give the bouquet body and volume, but are similarly subject to the season. We will do our utmost to preserve the same style and aesthetic as the original. Rest assured the bouquet will look as beautiful as always.
  • What are Dried Flowers?
    Dried Flowers are flowers that are dried naturally. The vibrant colours of the fresh flower will fade and turn darker or yellowish when dried and are more brittle.
  • What are Preserved Flowers?
    Preserved Flowers are fresh flowers that undergoes a unique preservation process using non-toxic chemicals and rehydrated again with glycerine mixture. The Preserved flowers look natural and maintain their original suppleness, shape, brightness and will last for several months or even years. Preserved flowers comes in different grades, we only uses the best Grade A flowers for our products. Preserved flowers normally comes with only the flower head. To utilize the flower head to make a bouquet, wooden sticks and floral wires is mandatory to connect the flower head to produce each stalk.
  • Why do my Fresh Flower Bouquet changes colour and start to dry after some time?
    Fresh flowers will naturally wilt and get dehydrated over time. Darker colours flowers will turn even darker and light colour flowers will turn yellowish, they will also become more brittle. However, if your fresh flower bouquet is dried in the correct way, it will still look beautiful in it's own way. It is impossible for fresh flowers to retain it's colour, look and texture over time. If you wish for something long lasting, you can consider preserved flowers.
  • How long can Fresh Flower last?
    Our Fresh flowers are crafted with a water bag or wet floral foam. This helps to provide water for the flowers and allows them to stay fresh for a couple of days. We only procure our flowers on the same day or 1 day in advance of your order to ensure the freshness and quality.
  • How long can Preserved Flowers last?
    Preserved flowers are able retain it's colour and integrity for a year or more. If kept away from the sun and kept in a cool and dry environment, it will prolong it's shelf life to many years to come.
  • Do you do Floral arrangements for events like Solemnisation, Weddings or private events?
    Yes we do! We provide floral arrangement for your events at affordable prices. Contact us directly for more details.
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